Resonate Your Vibe

If you don’t know Joe Bonamassa, he’s a blues guitarist. But not just any blues guitarist.  The dude can play. At 12 years old, he opened for B. B. King. He’s swapped licks on stage with Eric Clapton, and been nominated for a Grammy. He’s had multiple albums go to #1 on the blues charts. He gigs relentlessly and […]

Are You A Commodity, Or Something Special?

Maybe it’s toilet paper, maybe gasoline. Maybe for you, it’s dentists, hard drives, patch cables, or toothpaste. We all have things that we think of as commodities. We don’t care much about the brand, or any special features — we just need it. And we’ll get it from wherever is cheapest, or most convenient. It’s generic and replaceable. We’d just […]