Super-fans & Regular Fans

I saw a discussion on Facebook the other day. A bunch of musicians were discussing whether it’s better to release singles, or to wait and release a full CD. The answer is, of course, there is no pat answer. It depends. But one of the musicians brought up the following points about releasing singles. Too many […]

Adding A Donate Button

Recently, a Facebook friend of mine (I don’t know her personally, she’s a friend of a friend) posted that her new album was available for download, for free. I was a bit shocked, as I know she spent good money recording it. Now, this is a seriously talented songwriter and singer — really talented. And it’s […]

Stereo, Mono & Panning

I see lot of people who are just starting out with recording, getting confused about stereo and mono. I’ll see a question such as, “Should I record my acoustic guitar in stereo, or should I just record one track, duplicate it, and pan the tracks left and right?” But duplicate tracks, panned left and right, is mono! I explain […]