Adding A Donate Button

Recently, a Facebook friend of mine (I don’t know her personally, she’s a friend of a friend) posted that her new album was available for download, for free. I was a bit shocked, as I know she spent good money recording it. Now, this is a seriously talented songwriter and singer — really talented. And it’s […]

Stereo, Mono & Panning

I see lot of people who are just starting out with recording, getting confused about stereo and mono. I’ll see a question such as, “Should I record my acoustic guitar in stereo, or should I just record one track, duplicate it, and pan the tracks left and right?” But duplicate tracks, panned left and right, is mono! I explain […]

Resonate Your Vibe

If you don’t know Joe Bonamassa, he’s a blues guitarist. But not just any blues guitarist.  The dude can play. At 12 years old, he opened for B. B. King. He’s swapped licks on stage with Eric Clapton, and been nominated for a Grammy. He’s had multiple albums go to #1 on the blues charts. He gigs relentlessly and […]